Amrit Bharat Express fare revealed: Higher than normal, no concession on ticket

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav inspected the soon to be launched Amrit Bharat Express train at New Delhi Railway Station. Vaishnav also informed that Amrit Bharat Express will use push-pull technology for faster average speed. Now the Railway Board has revealed the fare of Amrit Bharat Express train in a new circular. According to the circular, if the destination is between 1-50 km from the source station, the minimum ticket price is Rs 35, excluding reservation charges. The circular also includes the fare structure for Amrit Bharat trains as well as the slab for both second class and sleeper class.

Since the first Amrit Bharat train, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will flag off from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh on December 30, has only second class and sleeper class coaches, the Railway Ministry has not yet prepared the fare table. Air-conditioned classrooms, sources said.

“If we compare the fares of these two classes – second and sleeper – with other mail or express trains currently running, the Amrit Bharat fares are 15 to 17 per cent higher,” a railway official said.

“The minimum ticket price for second class travel in other mail or express trains to a destination of distance between one and 50 km is Rs 30, excluding reservation fee and other charges. This shows that the Amrit Bharat fare is around Rs 17 Rs. more,” he added.

As per the circular, concessional tickets and free complimentary pass tickets which are not reimbursed will not be admissible in these trains.

“The eligibility for Privilege Pass, PTO (Privilege Ticket Order), Duty Pass etc. for Railway employees will be equivalent to the eligibility in Mail/Express,” the circular said.

It said, “Booking of tickets will be allowed on the basis of passes issued to Members of Parliament, Rail Travel Coupons (TRCs) issued to MLAs/MLCs and bookings for freedom fighters as they will be fully reimbursed. ,

The Railway Board has requested the Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) to make necessary changes in the software to reflect Amrit Bharat trains and their fares.

The circular said Amrit Bharat trains with LHB coach-based push-pull arrangement have certain special features, such as “horizontal sliding windows, semi-permanent couplers between coaches, dust-sealed wide gangways, an aerosol-based fire The suppression system includes toilets and electrical room, an emergency disaster management light, floor guide fluorescent strips, bench-type design for LWS coaches, separation of reserved and unreserved coaches (with sliding doors) etc.”

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