Here’s how to reduce your health-care costs during Medicare Advantage open enrollment

Certain retirees can now change their health coverage during Medicare Advantage open enrollment, which runs until March 31. Medicare Advantage is health coverage provided through private companies that are paid by Medicare to cover your benefits. If you’re already on a Medicare Advantage plan, you can take advantage of the open enrollment period to switch to another Medicare Advantage … Read more

Lawyer analyzed US$2.6 billion DCM lawsuit against Hill’s Pet Nutrition

The lawsuit alleged that Hill’s and a group of veterinarians worked together to manipulate the FDA into examining the possibility that certain grain-free dog foods increased pets’ risk for the potentially deadly heart disease, dilated cardiomyopathy. More than a year has passed since the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that the agency … Read more

Angelina Jolie Says She “Suddenly Had Bell’s Palsy 6 Months Before Divorce”

New York: Oscar winner Angelina Jolie says if she were starting out in the industry today, she probably wouldn’t have chosen acting as a career. The 48-year-old, the child of actor parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, said she “really has a social life” while living in Los Angeles because she gets unwanted attention from … Read more