Yellowstone controversy: A timeline of the Kevin Costner debacle

Controversy continues surrounding Yellowstone following claims from lead star Kevin Costner about the show.

Costner has played farm owner John Dutton in the hit American series since its premiere in 2018.

Taylor Sheridan's drama divides critics, focuses on US ranchers and land developers within the confines of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation

The house of cards came crashing down in February with actor-director Costner's bombshell decision to walk away from the show after the season ended.

This led producer Sheridan to move the show to May earlier than planned.

Costner broke his silence about his reasoning for leaving the show last week. His claims differ from those of Yellowstone creator Sheridan.

We walk through a timeline of the history of Yellowstone, an unexpected success story whose legacy has been tarnished by behind-the-scenes tensions.