Palworld Release Date: In 'Pokemon With Guns' On Xbox Game Pass?

Palworld's release date has passed and the Early Access version of the game is available to play right now on Steam and Xbox! It's also on Xbox Game Pass,

More than a straight Pokemon clone, Palworld brings together influences from Minecraft, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and more in a Pokemon-esque survival game.

You'll be collecting creatures, unlocking new technologies, and building the ultimate base. We'd definitely encourage you to check it out!

Palworld's reviews have also already been pretty positive, so obviously we're not the only ones enjoying the game.

When is the release date of Palworld? Palworld is now available in Early Access! The release date for the first playable version of Palworld was Friday, January 19, 2024.

This Early Access release allows you to try out all of the game's main systems. No word on when the full release will be.

The game is set to receive a patch, and if you're already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, it might be worth a try.

With no announced Pokémon games on the horizon, Paleworld could be the title that keeps you busy until then.

You can always keep your health on top by moving around with Pokemon Go or catching Z with Pokemon Sleep.