Is Ros Gold Onwude Pregnant? Married Life, Baby And Husband

Does Rose Gold Onwood have any children? Absolutely not, no. The EPSN sportscaster is single and has no children.

Ross Gould Onwood must be mentioned in any conversation about sports broadcasters.

Sportscaster born Roslyn Fatima Gold-Onwood, sometimes known as Rose Gold Onwood, is American and Nigerian.

The former basketball player is a native of New York City, having attended Stanford University for his basketball career. The news of pregnancy of former player of Nigerian team is in full swing.

The EPSN broadcaster does not appear to be pregnant. Rose Gold Onwood is currently single and not dating anyone. He doesn't even have any children.

Since the rumor first surfaced, people have assumed that the analyst is already married and giving birth to her husband's children.

We were unable to verify the origin of the pregnancy rumor, but it appears to be complete nonsense.

She has dated a few people before. But he did not marry any of them or have any children.