Hidden Costco Membership Benefits You Need to Know About

Sure, you can save money by buying items in bulk, but that's just one of the cost-cutting benefits of a Costco membership.

The fact is that a Costco membership can be a wise move to help stretch your grocery or household budget.

      There is hardly any mystery at this point. Deals are everywhere! But did you know that budget-friendly home shopping is just the start of Costco benefits and how you can save money with your membership?

The most savvy Costco members are doing more than just stocking their pantries at the big box retailer.

      Here's a closer look at some additional ways your membership can save you serious money, and in some cases, even make your life a little easier.

When it comes to something as simple as buying gift cards, your Costco membership can come in handy and keep more cash in your pocket. "Costco offers deals like two $50 gift cards for $79.99 or four $15 gift cards for $44.99," says Chavez.

Offered through Connect with American Family Insurance, Costco members can also get car insurance at a discount through the Wholesale Club.