Bills Reporter Who 'Trashed' Stefon Diggs Has Been Identified

A Buffalo Bills team reporter faced criticism for comments she made about star wide receiver Stefon Diggs before his media availability on Wednesday.

Reporter comments on hot mic before Diggs' appearance, saying Diggs can't be controlled

The reporter said, "There's no control over Stefon Diggs. That man will do what he wants to do."

"He'll look me in the face and say 'F you,'...he treats everybody like that."

The reporter, identified only as Bills team reporter Maddie Glab, issued an apology on social media after the incident.

Glab said, "I want to take ownership of what I said today. I'm very sorry for what I said and I had no malicious intent."

"I respect Stefon Diggs, and he's been one of my favorite players to cover."