Samsung details ‘Galaxy AI’ and a feature that can translate phone calls in real time


Samsung wants to make sure you know it cares about AI, too. In a new blog post, the company previewed what it calls “a new era of Galaxy AI” coming to its smartphones and detailed a forthcoming feature that will use artificial intelligence to translate phone calls in real time.

“Galaxy AI is a comprehensive mobile AI experience, powered by both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by our open collaborations with like-minded industry leaders,” Samsung wrote in the post. “It will transform your everyday mobile experience with the peace of mind you count on from Galaxy security and privacy.”

Samsung’s live translate feature, which the company is calling “AI Live Translate Call,” will be built into the company’s native phone app. Samsung says “audio and text translations will appear in real-time as you speak” and that the translations will happen on device.

The company says Galaxy AI is coming “early next year,” so it seems likely that Galaxy AI features will be included with Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones. Those phones are rumored to launch in 2024. The company also reportedly demonstrated its generative AI model called Gauss at an event this week, which will apparently power features on mobile devices beginning next year, so I’m taking that to mean that Gauss will be a key part of the Galaxy S24 lineup, too.

AI-powered features seem like they’re becoming the next battleground for smartphone makers. Google, for example, has a suite of AI-powered tools to help you edit and improve photos with its Pixel 8 lineup. Apple is reportedly spending a lot of money every day to train AI, and I have to imagine all that investment will show up in some AI-powered features for iPhones.

And smartphone makers will soon have to compete with AI-focused hardware products like Humane’s cellular-enabled AI Pin — though you can get a preview of that device in our exclusive leak published ahead of Thursday’s launch.

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