Google’s Pixel 8 preorder bonus sure looks familiar in leak

Google has always provided attractive preorder bundles and trade-in offers with its Pixel devices. Last year, you could get free Pixel Buds with the Pixel 7 or a Pixel Watch with the 7 Pro in select markets. It looks like the upcoming Pixel 8 is no different, with the company also offering free Pixel Buds or Pixel Watch 2 with the phone. A new leak sheds light on Pixel 8 launch day offers and the free features Google is bundling.

In a post on X, Roland Quandt shared Google’s preorder bundle for the Pixel 8 series. If you buy the Pixel 8, you’ll get a free Pixel Buds Pro, one of the best wireless earbuds on the market. And with the Pro model, you’ll reportedly get a Pixel Watch 2 for free. The bundle appears to be similar to last year’s Pixel 7 series and confirms previous leaks.

Google provided a similar preorder bundle with the Pixel 7a in May this year, where you could get the Pixel Buds-A series for free.

Google Pixel 8 bundle: Base model: Pixel Buds Pro model: Pixel Watch 2

This preorder bundle will make the new Pixel great value for money. A free $350 smartwatch would help justify the Pixel 8 Pro’s rumored $1,000 price, especially since the Pixel Watch 2 may have some significant changes, including a faster and more efficient Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip and new health sensors. Switch included. Are included. Based on all the leaks, this watch can give a tough competition to the best Android watch of this year. And if you were planning to buy the phone and smartwatch, preordering the bundle is no easy task.

Given that this year’s Pixel 8 seems to cost $100 more than its predecessor, a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro would help sweeten the deal.

The first leaked Google Store page of the new Pixels shows that the company is offering a 2TB Google One subscription for six months, YouTube Premium for three months, and Fitbit Premium for six months as preorder bonuses. That’s about $200 worth of extra freebies through subscription to some useful services. But you’re probably only eligible for them if you’re a new customer.

It’s likely that the preorder bundle will only be available when purchasing the Pixel 8 from Google’s online store in the US and select other markets. Other retailers may or may not offer similar bundles. There’s likely to be a huge rush of pre-orders for the new Pixel after Google’s announcement on October 4, so try to get your order in early if you want to secure the bundle.

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